Front cover of science fiction story.

Dark Resurrection

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Thousands of years ago, this area was a tourist hot spot. Thousands of years before that it was the scene of the bloodiest war in Elven history since The Fall. Today it is a sleepy and backward valley just outside the city of Giliath, but the legend of those horrifying days lives on in the memories of the villagers.

After their time in Knidola and another incident in Korst, TongSu was glad for the chance to turn the tables and let Dorrick deal with the fanged or shapeless women of this basin while she played with the most beautiful playboy she had ever encountered. But she should have known that getting involved with Dorrick on another mission from the University of Kex back on Centorin would lead to more danger than she was ready for, including great beasts from the deep places, and angry villagers fearing the Dark Lord's return.

But the greatest danger she faced was when her boy toy played with sorcery from the Kassikan that was clearly too potent for him to handle. His mistake nearly cost her life, the world's freedom and a priceless crystal from ancient times.

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