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This page contains links to other free Sci-fi which is not hosted on this site. Some of them will be out of date and some will no longer be free. I will correct them if I notice or if someone tells me. No sense getting angry, there's no way I can check them all every day. If I find the work is gone or no longer free, the link will be removed. If the work has moved and I can find it again, I will update it. If it moves the author can tell me and I will be sure to find it.

To submit your ebook to this list, email me with the link, title, author's name and up to one sentence of description. The list is long and in alphabetical order by title, as it was on free-online-novels. If it is in .ePub format or PDF that works on my tablet, I may even read it and review it, but I will put the link up before I do so.

You can help this page get more traffic by putting a link from your site to this one, The higher this site ranks in search engines, the more people will find this list, and thus your book. Incoming links is one of the factors search engines use to rank sites and one of the things we have control over.

I will not research the copyrights of works in this list that are not hosted here, but if I notice a copyright violation or am informed of a copyright violation I will take the link down. My hosting service does not allow me to link to obviously pornographic pages but doesn't care what's inside the book. If the site is hacked, known to harbor malware, or non functional when I try it, it will not be listed but I will tell you if I can. This includes most sites connected by webring. I have experienced this myself, once your site gets a good amount of traffic and dominates that ring, your site does not come up when visited, it goes right to webring. Remove webring and re-submit your link. Your site may work on Webring if you don't get much traffic now and then fail at a later date once you do get some traffic.

Works noted as [short] are less than novel length, they may be actual short stories, or what are sometimes called novellas or novelettes. When noted as [on line only] you have to read the story on line, there is no downloadable pdf, epub or mobi file. Many will not care. Sites where there is considerable difficulty finding the means of downloading, or where the download is not usable without some work are noted as [download issues]. Any other notes in square brackets are mine, all others are not.

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